Livewall in Grand Rapids

Friday, June 30, 2017 // At Naylor Landscape Management, we specialize in creating eye-catching design for a variety of clients. One of our latest projects involved going vertical with the creation and installation of a lush green living wall display at the Water Resource Recovery Center in Grand Rapids (formerly known as the Wastewater Treatment Plant). A storage building was covered on two sides with a variety of native plants that includes sedum, catmint, coral bells and geraniums, among others. These walls are certain to be a favorite stop on the facility tours the center offers!

A living green oasis offers a multitude of benefits beyond the aesthetic. Besides creating an impressive and inviting environment, the plants in these walls work as a natural air-filtration system. They can significantly reduce ambient noise and create a more beautiful, relaxing and inspirational environment. Exposure to nature has been shown to reduce stress and allergies and contribute to mental and physical health. Plants have been proven to positively affect mood, perception, alertness and energy levels. A living wall can make an impressive statement and increase property value. They can even be used to grow food in urban areas and create habitats for birds and beneficial insects. With these perks, it’s no wonder that these live walls are popping up everywhere from hotel lobbies, restaurants and hospitals to the exterior of skyscrapers and sports arenas. They certainly provide that “wow” factor and are a great way to improve commercial or residential properties with the intrinsic benefits of nature. Be sure to check out, our phenomenal collaborator on this project. Their website offers both information and inspiration for your own living wall project, be it commercial or residential.  While you’re browsing, take a look at the various instillations they have been involved in right here in Michigan.

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