Time to Schedule a Spring Cleanup to Prepare for the Summer Sun

The days are getting longer, the sun is finally showing his face again, and it's starting to heat up, even if only slightly. Being cooped up inside all winter causes people to want to spring into the outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. And I'm sure the last way that you'd like to get that fresh air is by raking and cleaning up your yard. Instead, let us do our job, saving your precious outdoor hours for walks, bike rides, and spending time with the kids.

At Naylor Landscape Management, we understand that spring clean-up is essential to maintain healthy flowerbeds and lawn all summer long. The time to start scheduling your clean-up appointment is now. Services we offer include:

  • Removing debris, leaves, and sticks from the flowerbeds, tree circles, and lawn. We even get behind bushes and into hard-to-reach places.
  • Weeding all landscape beds and applying a pre-emergent weed control.
  • Checking for health of all plants, removing the plants that didn't last the winter.
  • Trimming overgrown shrubs and pruning trees. This is important to promote growth, but not all should be pruned right away. Our experts will know, and it'll save you the headache of wondering if you should or should not.
  • Laying fresh mulch to all beds to reduce weed growth and help insulate plant roots.
  • Applying a fresh edge on all landscape beds to help contain the new mulch and maintain the shape during any severe weather in the summer. We will utilize a straight line or be sure to fit the proper curve of the original design.
  • Sweeping and removing sand, dirt, and leaves from the deck and driveways.
  • Inspecting and repairing any snowplow damage and applying new sod where needed.
  • Fertilizing and reseeding lawns where necessary.

An additional perk is all the debris that we remove is taken with us, leaving you with a fresh and clean yard, ready for the summer sun.

But of course spring is also a great time to consider adding new features to your yard or lawn. If you're interested in having us assess your space for changes while we are out cleaning-up, just let us know in advance. We're happy to discuss ideas with you. Give us a call today to discuss the best options for your yard and schedule your spring-cleaning.

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